Location Scouting: Video


Valentine’s Day is a great gifting occasion and Teavana wants to be seen as a part of that day. Shoot for Valentine’s Day blend.


Working with New York-based Elite media, I served as the Seattle location scout and manager for the Dream Fearlessly campaign from American Family Insurance. 

See the Dream Fearlessly Video


Real people and real life make up this amazing video for Blue Nile, the largest online retailer of diamonds. I worked as location scout for Vignette Creative.   

 Watch “It's Your Life. Be Engaged” 


  As casting director and location scout for this video for Italian band Negrita, sponsored by Jack Daniels, I facilitated interviews with musicians Jim Tillman (U-Men), Tom Price (Gas Huffer) and James Burdyshaw (Sinister Six) and secured several locations.  

 See “Jack on Tour – Episodio 3: Seattle/Memphis”