Locations needed for Photoshoot - Genie Booms


The images taken at your site will be used for marketing purposes and will appear in our new product development materials such as flyers, newsletters, magazines and on our website

Our crew is a smaller one, about 5 to 6 people

Experienced drivers deliver the machines in the morning.     

Fully insured, all crew in lifts are Genie certified

FE line (Fuel Electric) line
Genie 45' FE line (Fuel Electric) line

45' BOOM Shoot: MAY 2020

This machine is a part of our FE line (Fuel Electric) line.

Hybrid machine and can be used indoors for quiet work.

Machine weighs 14,460 lbs and has a maximum platform height of 45 ft.

Outdoor or indoor site that would have a neat application for up and over.

40 ft to 50 ft high would be ideal.


105' BOOM Shoot: MAY 2020

105 foot Machine weighs 41,250 lbs and has a maximum platform height of 105 ft.

Outdoor site that would have a unique application for up and over. 

This is an XC boom standing for ‘Xtra Capacity’ one of our more “heavy-duty” machines for tougher job sites.

100 ft to 105 ft high location.

Contact Lisa-Marie about your Location

Drop me a line!

Shoot Weekdays only, small crew

Experienced and reliable

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(206) 551-3105 email: lisa@lmentarydesign.com Freelance location scout working directly with the Marketing department at Genie a Terex Brand.